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3 Steps To A Winning Instagram Strategy

Millions of entrepreneurs log in to Instagram daily to engage with new clients. Those business owners log out frustrated by their lack of results. Moving the needle towards your goals is more attainable than it seems.

Step One - Capture

The beginning of your Instagram funnel should be capturing new followers or fans to engage with your content. This element should accommodate 40% of all your content, so if you post twice a week, you will have three capture posts per month.

The goal is to capture NEW followers. The best vehicle for this is Reels and Hashtags. You aim to make discoverable content for people who don't know all the greatness you can offer.

There are thousands of small business creators who do this well! Check out the examples below.

Step Two - Converse

The second step in the funnel is converse. 30% of the content you post should be to open up conversations. Conversations with your audience are the best way to build an engaged community. Follow hashtags relevant to your industry, use interactive stickers in your stories, and engaging with your follower's content are easy ways to build meaningful connections. Remember, if you only post, you are taking a passive approach.

Step Three - Convert

The final 30% of your new Instagram strategy is converting. These posts should have that solid call to action or feature services you offer. Most entrepreneurs live for this piece, but you have to remember that the first two elements are what will get your clients ready to work with you!

No one succeeds solo. Our team at Butler Media serves you with social media management that will give you leverage. Take the next step in your business here.


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