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5 Money Making Strategies For Your Facebook Page

There is a lot of talk about how brands should optimize their Facebook page to get more reach, shares, mentions, and likes. Unfortunately, when it comes to Facebook their reach is very limited because the algorithm is constructed to make money. Unless you content is virally popular, you likely are seeing little engagement. However, there are some strategic tactics you can employ to get more paid and organic reach. Try these 6 strategies to improve your business page’s performance.

Share content from your business page to your personal profile

For a small business owner with limited time and resources, Facebook pages can drive some more customers to buy from you. Facebook can lead to increased sales and new clients for any business posting on the social network. Many of those sales can come from people who know like and love you. Simply sharing content from your business page to your personal profile on occasion will help your circle stay connected to your business, making them more likely to refer you business.

Add a personal touch to your posts

One thing that's increasingly difficult to do is add a personal touch to the things you post on Facebook. With more people using Facebook to share their opinions and stories, it's a platform that must remain appealing for users who want to see just what the brands and people they love are up to.

Work in pieces of content that are more organic. Post a personal photo or family picture on your business channel occasionally, to keep your engagement numbers high.

Use strategic hashtags

Strategic hashtags will help you have more reach on your Facebook page, which can help your business grow. By changing your Facebook hashtags regularly, you improve your chances of getting the stories you care about out there and helping your business stand out from competitors.

Coming up with a quality list of hashtags can be challenging, so consider using a hashtag generator to create a list of powerful and relevant hashtags for your posts.

Run a contest

One of the most effective ways to grow your Facebook following is to run contests. In fact, a recent study found that people who run contests receive 37% more Facebook likes than people who don't. That's because people are intrigued by the idea of winning something. Run a contest where the prize is real money or something you have a lot of faith in--and make sure the rules are clearly explained beforehand.

Create an advertising budget

Facebook ads allow you to offer targeted traffic to people in your niche. Facebook will label these people as fans of your page and send them directly to your post if they meet certain criteria. Most businesses use Facebook Ads because you can set your own budget, and they are easy to set up.

Running ads occasionally requires an additional budget, but it can help you get in front of new audiences while ensuring your reach and engagement stay high.


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