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5 Tips to get Real Estate Leads Using Pinterest

A Realtor’s Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform to attract leads and build connections. However, it operates differently compared to most digital marketing channels.

If you are not familiar with the platform, think of Pinterest as being similar to Google. It is an excellent resource for searching and gathering information. It is also a great place to make connections.

By considering what your clients may be searching and finding the solution to their problems, you will be able to take these 5 tips to start generating leads on Pinterest.

1. Focus on a neighborhood with your Pinterest strategy

Decide on a neighborhood where you want to be established as the area expert. Focus your Pinterest content on tips, ideas, and recommendations for this area. You can share places to eat, new developments, targeted market stats, and more.

The goal is to become a resource for the neighborhood and foster connections.

2. Create a blog on your website to drive traffic

If you are reading this blog post, you are on the other side of this exact strategy. By creating information that is helpful to wherever your clients are in the homeownership life cycle, you are meeting them where they are. This creates an excellent opportunity to connect with them and convert that lead.

3. Create a group board and invite your clients to join

Once you have a collection of content for your market area you can create a group board that fosters collaboration among your clients. This is a great way to understand their needs and questions while creating a unique opportunity to connect with your target market in an organic way.

4. Create hobby posts that connect with you on a personal level

Just like any other social media platform, you want to be sure that you have a good mix of business and personal. Don’t forget to create Pinterest Boards that speak to your personal interests and hobbies. This is an opportunity to connect with clients that may otherwise not engage.

5. Create home décor content at your showings

Taking photos at your showing for fresh content will help you avoid a Pinterest board full of stock photos. Home décor can be a great way to connect on an industry adjacent topic.

Post Ideas: Get started with some strategic Pinterest posts by considering these example topics.

- How much do Katy Homes cost?

- Top features to look for when buying a home in 2021

- How to decorate your Texas home

- Best Cypress neighborhoods

Pinterest can be a great place to engage your audience and build your brand recognition. Remember to include your contact details on your cover graphic for each post to increase your conversion rate.

Lastly, never worry about Pinterest followers. This platform is largely reliant on search content. You can get thousands of impressions with very few followers. Just focus on the strategy.

Happy pinning!


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