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Hacking the Instagram Algorithm in 2021

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Instagram is a great platform for brands to gain popularity. Maximize your excellent content by engaging your customers strategically.


About Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform that was launched in 2010, it is now owned by Facebook.

This highly visual platform has over 1 billion users, and 80% of them are following and engaging with brands.

About The Social Media Algorithm

An algorithm is a set of rules that determines how often users are served with your content on social media.

The social media platform algorithms are constantly changing, and can have a significant impact on your content’s performance.

Understanding the way that Instagram delivers content to users will help you tailor your content and maximize organic reach. Basically, brands that give the algorithm what it wants, perform better.

How it Works

Interest Instagram delivers content that users will find interesting based on how they engage with on their newsfeed. Start by understanding the type of content that catches the eye of your target market.

If you show up more on Instagram your audience will have more opportunities to interact and push your content higher in the algorithm.

Relationship Friend and family accounts appear first in a users feed their interactions determine the digital relationship between users. Instagram serves content to users based on who they message, what stories they watch, what they search for, and who they tag in photos.

Timeliness Posting during peak traffic on the app is one easy way to hack the algorithm.

Frequency Instagram shows users the best content since the last time they logged in. The more frequently a user logs in, the more chronological their feed with appear.

Following Accounts with ghost or inactive followers appear further down on the algorithm, while brands with an active audience score better. Never buy followers to make your account appear more active, it will hurt your content’s deliverability.

Usage When a user runs out of content the algorithm will serve them "suggested" content. Having active users is helpful. Check in and interact on your businesses Instagram to build relationships.

*Account type is not a factor for the Instagram algorithm; therefore, using a business account instead of a personal account will not affect your ranking negatively.

How to Maximize Your Content

  • Post on Instagram stories consistently

  • Publish video content often

  • Go live on instagram more frequently

  • Craft compelling captions (try “tag a friend” and captions with a question)

  • Use relevant hashtags to appear well in suggest content for very active users

  • Use location tags

  • Vary content types

  • Use eye-catching imagery and great photo quality


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