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Instagram Reels for Small Business Owners

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What is Reels?

Instagram Reels is a relatively new and vital tool you should be using in your Instagram strategy. Reels is a place to post fun and engaging video content that is between 15 and 60 seconds.

It is the TikTok for Instagrammers, and with the new integration with Facebook, you will be glad you adopted this strategy.

Benefits of Reels

The benefits of using Reels are numerous. Some of the most notable are;

It increases your discoverability on the platform

The way Reels is structured, content is sorted based on how viral and relatable it is to the user, rather than based on who the user follows. The Reels portion of Instagram operates similar to the For You Page on TikTok

It integrates with Facebook

Meta (formally known as Facebook) recently integrated reels into Facebook. Now, Facebook users scrolling through their newsfeed will find fun and relatable Reels in carousels to increase engagement. When a user likes or engages with this content, it launches them into the Instagram app to discover more Reels.

Improves your standing in the algorithm

Using this feature will help your other posts perform well. Not only can it help you get in front of more people who may be interested in your products and services, but also Instagram will rank your posts more favorably among your current audi


How to use

We love this 12 minute tutorial on Reels. It is comprehensive and will show you how to use the platform at the highest level.

Content and Ideas

There are some things you can do to create excellent Reels content.

  • Make it authentic

  • Cover topics that resonate with your audience

  • Make it fast, fun, and creative

  • Share educational content

  • Show off your products and services

30 Day Reels challenge

If you are like us, you can have some creative blocks when it comes to creating new ideas for content.

Start by scrolling through Reels and TikTok to find out what performs well and what trends are viral. Then download this 30 Day Reels challenge to get into a rhythm of creating Reels for your business.

Have Fun Creating and we will see you next month with more helpful tips.


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