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Jingle All the Way to More Sales

The holiday season presents a unique opportunity to grow your business. Being strategic with your marketing can lead to more sales and brand awareness. Get the blueprint on how to market your business this holiday season, below.

What is your holiday marketing goal?

If you sell items or services that are easily given as gifts, your goal is to sell more products/ services.

If you run a business that offers services that are not easily given or discounted (ie: real estate, tax services) your holiday marketing goal should be creating connections and brand awareness.

Sell more products and services

Whether you are a product or service-based business, offering discounts can be an excellent way to increase your sales over the holiday season. Most shoppers are looking for convenience and the best price.

Center your messaging around the convenience of your shipping, location, or the unbeatable price you are offering. Remember, the cheapest doesn't always win. People want quality gifts too. Create a strong theme with your value proposition and align your messaging with your unique value all month long.

Don't abandon a diverse marketing strategy. During the holidays it can be tempting to adopt an email and social media strategy that is all about your sales. Remember that your strategy should still have personal pieces, educational content, and more. Don't lose followers by being too sales-y with your holiday offers.

Go into December with a plan. Personalize this content calendar to plan out your marketing strategy for December.

Connect and Build Brand Awareness

Although you have a business that doesn't translate well into a traditional holiday marketing plan. You should use this season to be strategic about building and maintaining an engaged following.

Fighting the marketing noise of the holidays can be tough. It is worth adopting a new strategy to save on your marketing budget and increase brand awareness.

Because the product and service-based businesses take up a large portion of the digital space with their messaging over the holidays, running lots of digital ads can be a losing strategy in December. It is best to focus your energy on connecting with your clients.

Connecting with your clients might not be digital. You can approach this month uniquely with client appreciation initiatives to let your customers know that you care. Giving a little goes a long way, reward your most loyal customers with a meaningful gift or event.

Client appreciation ideas:

  • Cookie giveaway

  • Holiday party

  • Holiday thank you cards

  • Christmas ham giveaway

  • NYE champagne giveaway

  • Starbucks giftcards

  • Hot chocolate bombs giveaway

  • Christmas photoshoot

  • Holiday charity drive

  • Photos with Santa

The holidays are a time of personal connection in an increasingly disconnected world. If you are adopting a robust digital strategy this year, keep it personal. Send texts, connect via email, or engage with clients on social media. If you want to get even more personal, opt for handwritten thank you notes or gifts sent to your client's homes or businesses.


The holidays can be a make it or break it time for your business goals. Whether you are offering holiday gifts or a service that will kick into high gear at the start of the new year, it is important to stay engaged with your audience all month long.

We hope you jingle bell rock your holiday goals.


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