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Personality but Make it Professional

It can be a challenge to find the right balance when incorporating personal content into your brand's social media account.

While it's important to showcase the human side of your business and connect with your audience on a personal level, it's equally important to maintain a level of professionalism and ensure your personal content aligns with your brand's values and messaging.

One effective way to add a personal touch to your brand's social media presence is to use a headshot instead of a logo on your Instagram profile. This simple change can make a big difference in how your audience perceives your brand and can help establish a stronger connection between you and your followers.

Before you share that personal piece, ask yourself, "Does this personal content align with my brand's messaging and values? Will it resonate with my target audience?" If the answer is yes, then it's likely a good fit for your social media accounts.

Here are three tips for infusing personal content into your brand's social media accounts:

  1. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business: Your followers are likely interested in learning more about what goes on behind the scenes. Share photos and videos of you and your team in action, behind-the-scenes looks at your products or services, or sneak peeks of upcoming projects.

  2. Showcase your personality: Your brand is an extension of yourself, so don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. Share personal anecdotes, hobbies, and interests that align with your brand's values and messaging.

  3. Show your face: With video taking up a lot of space on all social media platforms, it's important to show your face and talk in your videos to build a strong connection and showcase your personality.

In conclusion, adding a personal touch to your brand's social media accounts is an important step for any brand. Prioritizing authenticity and professionalism is the best way to win. Keep your content aligned with your brand's messaging and values with this list of personal post ideas.

15 personal posts
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