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Produce Great Videos on the Go

Your engagement will skyrocket when you start producing videos for your business. Getting started in creating those videos can be overwhelming. You need excellent ideas, great visuals, high-quality audio, and #BombLighting

This blog post was created with Realtors® in mind

Start by Brainstorming Ideas

There are an endless number of videos you could create depending on your business and it's needs. Here is a list to get started.

  1. A list of things (ie: 10 things to know about homeownership in 2021)

  2. A quick tip (ie: Why your house won't sell even in today's market)

  3. A day in the life (ie: Give viewers a glimpse into your routine)

  4. Interview Style (ie: Talking financial literacy with your favorite credit expert)

  5. A funny anecdote (ie: crazy thing we found at a showing)

  6. Follow a process (ie: Renovation process)

  7. Documentary style (ie: Follow your buyers from showing to closing)

  8. Tutorial (ie: How to Stage your home with what you already have)

  9. Get in on a trend (ie: do a Tik Tok dance) all your content doesn't have to have substance it can be fun too

  10. Share an interest (ie: cooking videos, crafts, and more)

  11. Walkthrough (ie: Show me the house!) go slow and give explanations that help people visualize their life in the home

Lights, Camera, Action

Now that you are thinking creatively, it's time to jump into the details. Getting the right equipment to get the best shot is tough. We want to hear you and see you. An iPhone has a high quality camera that is good for your videos, no need to go buy any super expensive equipment. Find links below for all the audio visual equipment you will need.

This is the on the go guide so, grab this portable ring light. There are some more high quality ring lights on stands you can buy for videos at your desk or zoom calls. But in the moment this light will give the #GoldenHour lighting you dream of.

Mic check, one two. We can't hear you. If you might shoot a video in a noisy environment, make sure you don't get a lot of background noise with this affordable lapel mic that works for your iPhone.

Lastly, the Gimbal. An optional perk for those of you who want to get into doing smoother walkthrough videos and possibly some great action shots on the go. This fancy tool will make sure your videos always have a smooth shot.

Captions and Beauty Filters

Now that you are the inspector gadget of online video it's time to get filming. Here are some things to consider.

  1. It's normal to not like how you look or sound on video. Know that your clients interact with you just as you are. No one is going to be surprised or disappointed by seeing you appear authentically on video.

  2. Make sure you feel your best, you will be more confident in your videos. If you have your favorite outfit on, a little blush (for the ladies), and a good hairstyle you will be sure to crush it.

  3. Very few people watch videos with audio these days, especially when you post in Instagram stories. Captions are the way to go so that you can draw them in even if they aren't listening.

  4. If a beauty filter makes you feel more comfortable when shooting your videos, USE IT. There is not shame in the filter game. You can use filters on Instagram or Snapchat or download an app specifically for filtering video. Avoid any dramatic ones, people might not want their real estate advice from cartoon shark. 😂

My favorite app for beauty filters and auto-captions in Clipomatic. It autogenerates captions as you talk, and has filter options to make your lighting more flattering. And it's only $4.99 🤯


You've got your beautiful video, we can hear you, and you can't wait to get it posted. But how do you edit it to add intros, outros, logos, punchy music, and more? There are endless options on how you can do this. If you are on the go, you will want something quick and mobile friendly. Here are some options for video editing.

Canva pro just recently added a pretty great video editor, it is a mobile friendly desktop application and only $14 per month! With this you can add animated intro, outros, overlay your logos, and add licensed music from their free music library.

iMovie is a great option to get high quality video editing. You can do all sorts of animations, transitions, logo overlays and more with this iPhone app.

We are ready for the Premiere

It's time to get that video published. You have options for how you do this!

You can drop it in your Instagram feed if it is less than a minute, but you can put it in a IGTV post if it is longer than that. You can post on stories for more quick and fun content. (You put a lot of work in, so make sure to add it to your highlights section).

On Facebook you can post any length of video. Use the tags to make sure your video appears for viewers who are interested in that type of content.

Don't skip out on Youtube. Your timeless content should go here. Create a library of your expertise so that you appear higher on Google searches, and you can send clients here for quick education pieces. You can also use your youtube page as a sort of profile to show all your past listing marketing. This is a great tool in your presentations.

Use hashtags and make sure your time your posts right for the best engagement.

That hardest part is doing your first video. After that you will be more comfortable and ready to leverage this amazing marketing tool for your business. Rip off the bandaid and share your creations.

Want me to take a look at your video before you post it? Send me an email


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