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Summer Scheming for a Successful Holiday Season

Don't let the holiday season sneak up on you this year. You might be thinking, "Christmas in July? Really?" But trust us, planning for your holiday promotions and events now can be the best gift you give your business.

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Holiday Promotions for Product-Based Businesses

If you're in the business of selling physical goods, the holiday season offers a perfect opportunity to infuse your offerings with festive charm and boost sales.

Planning to offer discounts?

If you plan to offer holiday discounts, create a content calendar now with a plan to announce the deal after Halloween and make periodic posts throughout November and December to remind your audience of the discount. Share videos of your packaging and shipping orders throughout the holidays to create more social proof and tell a story.

BONUS: Include a boosting schedule to get the promotion to new audiences.


If you run a boutique, consider offering a "12 Days of Christmas" sale where you unveil a new deal each day leading up to the holidays. This keeps your customers engaged and excited throughout the season.

Giveaway a win-win

If building a large following or more engaged audience is your goal, hosting a giveaway is a great way to capture new eyes. Be sure that whatever you plan to give away is a product you currently offer so that people who are interested in the giveaway have a reason to stick around.


If you run a bakery, you could create a "Home for the Holidays" treat bundle giveaway where your audience needs to join the email list to enter. It is a win-win because they can stay engaged with your business all year.

Launching special products

If you plan to create limited-edition holiday products that generate a sense of urgency, this can be a great way to boost sales. To execute this element, you will need a content calendar where you prepare promotions for the new product starting on November 1 and put messages closer together on your content calendar as you get closer to the last day the product will be available for the year.


If you sell candles, introduce a "Fireside Dreams" scent for the holiday season. This encourages customers to buy while the product is available and stock up on something they want access to all year long.


Holiday Promotions for Service-Based Businesses:

Service-based businesses can also make their mark during this joyful season. It's not just about products – it's about delivering a memorable experience. Join us as we explore creative ways for service-based entrepreneurs to spread holiday magic and appreciation to their valued clients.

Client Appreciation Events

Host a holiday-themed virtual or in-person event to show appreciation for your clients. This can be a great way to stay connected with your current clients, connect with new potential clients, and create a lasting memory with your clients. You will want to keep promotions for this exclusive but invite clients to bring friends via email, text, or evite.


If you're a fitness coach, organize a "Jingle Bell Jog" where participants can join a festive run, get a free branded t-shirt and learn new holiday workout tips.

Holiday Cards with a Personal Touch

If you are not interested in event planning, personal cards with a special offer can be a great way to connect with your clients. Send personalized holiday cards to your clients with branded materials, showing gratitude for their support.


A graphic designer could create custom digital holiday cards and send a guide for their clients to create their holiday cards.


Roll out limited-time holiday discounts on your services. You should start promoting your values on November 1 with a clear end date put periodic updates on your content calendar throughout November and December until the promotion is over.


If you're a spa, offer a discounted massage package targeted toward moms who are out holiday shopping all day.

Holiday Content Ideas:

As always, the rule of social media is to share value. The holidays have unique challenges for every audience. Address those challenges with valuable holiday-related content.


A life coach could create a series of stress-relief tips for managing holiday hustle.

So, while the sun is shining, give your business the gift of early planning. By strategizing your holiday promotions now, you'll be well-prepared to sleigh the competition and enjoy a festive and fruitful holiday season.


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